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Don’t start golf on the wrong foot! TOP teachers are now in agreement that golfers who learn incorrectly struggle to improve.

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I am excited to announce that as your coach we can now connect LIVE for virtual lessons on the Golf Live app.

You can now book a live lesson with me anytime, anywhere. Whether you want a full 60-minute lesson, or you may only need a 10 minute micro session, you can connect with me on Golf Live.

This incredible technology allows me to provide you live feedback on your swing, immediately in real-time . All you need to do is create a profile today and book a lesson with me on the app so we can stay connected at all times.

Click below to download your app version and search DON PETERSON under the “Select-a-Pro” tab

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Introducing Miyagi for Golf

Miyagi For Golf is a step-by-step golf swing training system developed by PGA Top 50 Teacher Don Peterson. Author of “Baseball Golf” and “Start Golf Now”, Don continues to expand his training concepts that have come from a career spanning more than 30 years. Don’s students include major champion Todd Hamilton (2004 Open Champ) comedian Jeff Foxworthy, NFL legend Brett Favre, and many Atlanta area junior golf champions.

Get Better with the Miyagi For Golf Training

Your first steps in learning with this golf training system is to buy the Miyagi for Golf eBook or dive head first into the Full Online Interactive Miyagi for Golf Course. Either way you are about to change the way you learn and play golf.

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Peterson Putting Principle

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Time to get personal & take charge of your Swing and Game

The Miyagi For Golf system works because one foundation of the golf swing is built upon the efficiency of the previous foundation. If you are an intermediate or advanced golfer please work through each lesson IN ORDER to ensure your swing is built on a strong foundation.

The Miyagi For Golf system helps struggling golfers to rebuild their swing by taking the ball away initially for specific muscle training. As they progress through the program, students are encouraged to check their progress a few times online with our pros through video check-ups.

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