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Don’t start golf on the wrong foot! TOP teachers are now in agreement that golfers who learn incorrectly struggle to improve.

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Getting Started!

When Don Peterson started teaching golf he realized that the golf swing should be learned in a progressive manner. Golfers learn better and faster when the swing is broken into parts. Circuit type training was developed in the early years evolving into a complete learning philosophy called Miyagi For Golf. For best results start at the beginning and work your way through our program step-by-step. Our unique process ensures proper swing sequence by training motion from your core outward.

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Have You Ever Played Baseball?

Top 50 Teacher Don Peterson show baseball players how they can use the skills they developed in baseball to hit longer drives on the golf course!

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Our golf training is a progressive system and unique. So, while you may think you are an advanced golfer, our starting point for “Miyagi for Golf” starts at the beginning point “Get Started” and progresses through steps until you reach “Get Game.”

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